Hmmm, where do I begin…?

“Never in my dreams did I think that in a span of 3 months I would be preparing to leave the country for the next two, but here I am.”

Before I decided to leave I was deeply questioning where I wanted to go in life. I am currently a hair/makeup artist with many, many, creative hobbies on the side that I’m looking to dive deeper into along the way and hopefully make those my fulltime gig,( Oh, and still questioning where exactly I want to go in life). So I figured I’ll take you guys along my journey and experiences in hopes you can learn something from it. Traveling is something I’ve wanted to do since I could remember, but, as many people experience, I didn’t know all that went into travel. Nor did I know exactly how I was going to lead this traveling lifestyle. In today’s world, especially, surrounded by gals and guys that take all of these amazing photos around the world (gracefully looking down at their shoes) we all seem to want to travel. Here are some things I realized this life of travel demands of you :

  • Notify your bank of when your leaving– if your bank is like mine they will notify you of fraud when buying a new toaster oven.  The last thing you need is your accounts frozen overseas. give them a heads up and also think about exchanging some money for euros as well.
  • Packing a luggage for this amount of time is trickier then I imagined– where do I put all of my shoes? Do I bring my own bedding? how many outfits sound reasonable?…. me, of course, being me, hair and makeup alone could have a suitcase of its own( sorry, didn’t mean to get all Dr. Seuss on ya?)  So you choose favorites. I made a rule for myself it goes, if I haven’t worn it in a month, leave it behind. Anywho, word on the street is that the Zara in Spain is cheaper and trendier.?  I’m also thinking of vacuum packing some of these clothes, only trouble with that is finding a vacuum while I’m over there?. Must haves for me are a portable charger, all of my electronics… computer phone chargers etc., extra pairs of underwear and socks, and skincare/makeup. Don’t stress packing too much, just make sure to have your essentials and live as minimalistic as you can.
  • You cant have/bring your dog or cat-  If you want this life of travel, gizmo and princess are gonna have ta go, unless you have the money for a dog sitter or extra travel accommodations, then, by all means, keep em (I rather spend the money on an extra scoop of gelato in Italy, or a random flight to Germany. literally anything else) I don’t have any pets but its something I always thought about. In reality, I realized its better off that I just don’t have any…. maybe one day when I finally decide to settle down ?