“It ain’t what it used to be.” If you’ve said this, congratulations, you are a predictable human. We’ve all probably heard our grandparents or parents complain about the “youth of today”. Unfortunately, this is just the cyclical nature of life. But, it’s healthy to break cycles and why would you want to be like everyone else? It’s easy to look down upon new music but if you aren’t doing it objectively, you are possibly just succumbing to the feeling of loss and separation from your formative years. It’s important to be critical to develop your own skills of recognizing talent, but to close your mind is to essentially, be a snob.

Top Five

“Top five rappers” is the hottest topic in most hip-hop conversations. Everybody’s eager to list theirs and criticize someone else’s. There are two things to consider when having these dialogues:

– The difference between favorite and best. Just because something is technically better than the other, doesn’t mean it brings more joy than an arguably less quality product. Recognize this. Top 5 lists don’t have to be an opportunity to berate but rather an exercise to understand your own subjective needs in music.

– Does it even really matter? Opinions can be fluid. A favorite today could not work for tomorrow’s mood. Stop putting everything in boxes.


There is a difference between being an expert and pretentious

If you wish to be seen as an expert in your field, you should start thinking about your approachability. As humans, we seek the approval of our mentors but we don’t like feeling shitty about our choices. If you wish to be someone people enjoy the opinions of, it’s time to spend as much time listening as you do talking. In general, a good rule of thumb is, don’t be a dick.


What’s the issue?

The cadence of new rap has undoubtedly changed. With trap being the kale of Hip Hop, it’s easy to push aside an entire genre. Some of it is garbage, but some of it isn’t and maybe it’s time to just be open-minded and listen to the kids. Who knows how long this style will last, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t captivating its audience. Listen and identify its power, incorporate that feeling into your own style.


The Future

To live in the past is paralyzing. Being present is now pretty much accepted as the key to happiness. But, the future is happening now..New styles are here and the past has already happened. If you wish to flourish, it’s important to embrace the new. It can be great to reminisce and there is also never a problem with doing a “throwback”, the issue with staying in the past will however be, you miss the curve and end up being stuck in a place that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Be proud of your musical taste catalogue, but don’t close the book.